Vicair Boxes lifetime warranty



Vicair offers a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months (for mattresses this is 5 years!) after the original date of purchase, provided the product has been used normally. Any damage arising from abnormal use, or caused by improper handling, cleaning, or negligence, is excluded from this warranty. Should a defect in materials or workmanship occur within 24 months (for mattresses this is within 5 years) from the original date of purchase, Vicair will, at its own choice, repair or replace the product free of charge.
The cushion cover is excluded from this warranty.

The new generation Vicair SmartCells (grey with black logo print) have a lifelong warranty period. The cells inside the Liberty cushions are excluded from this warranty.

Remedies for breach of express warranties herein are limited to repair or replacement of the product. In no event shall damages for breach of any warranty include any consequential damages or exceed the cost of non-conforming goods sold.

Extra information about our Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.

Dernière génération de SmartCells

Lifetime warranty on tetrahedron shaped Vicair SmartCells

  • A brand new & unique Vicair service
  • No registration needed, Lifetime Warranty off-the-shelf
  • Lifetime Warranty applies to the new generation SmartCells only, recognisable by the black Vicair logo print (see picture on this page). Available from October 2017.
  • In the case of a complaint about the SmartCells and/or to request replacement SmartCells, please contact your country’s distributor or contact Vicair directly.
  • We can only provide you with replacement SmartCells under the condition that we receive the cushion’s serial number. We might also need extra information / photographs of the issue to complete the complaint registration. That is why you should never throw away damaged cells before your complaint has been registered by us.

Please note!

  • Inner & outer cushion covers are excluded from this Lifetime Warranty. SmartCells only. See General Terms & Conditions.
  • Vicair Liberty cells are excluded from this Lifetime Warranty.
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